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Electrical Engineering Reference Book for GATE

Here we try to focus on most recommended and preferred Reference Books for GATE Electrical Engineering. Refer one main book and one another for some other topic which is not clearly mentioned in the main book.

1. Electrical Engineering handbook (Important Study Material to Instant Revision)

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A Handbook on Electrical Engineering
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2. Electrical Engineering Previous year solved paper

This books is important to know the pattern and the topic from which repeatably question has been asking It helps you to score more. Previous year solved paper also help in making the extremely competitive exam very easy for you.

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Electrical Engineering Previous Year GATE Solved Papers
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Here we try to focus on most recommended and preferred GATE Books for Electrical Engineering – Best Book for GATE EE. The GATE books for electrical engineering – best book for GATE EE are listed below:

3. GATE Books for Electrical Engineering – Best Book for GATE EE:

SL.NO. SUBJECT Book Name Author
1 EM Theory Principles of Electromagnetic(for Magneto statics, Amperes law, Magnetic materials) Matthew N. O. Sadiku
Engineering Electromagnetic(coulombs law, Gauss’s Law, Conductors etc.) W H Hatt , J A Buck
E. M. Theory for Numerical examples Schaum Series
2 Electrical Circuits Electric Circuits & Networks(Circuit elements, Kirchhoff’ Law, Mesh and Nodial Analysis, Network Theorem & Applications ) Chakraborty
Electrical Circuits(Resonant Circuits, elements of two element network synthesis) D­Roy Chaudhary
Electrical Circuits Syed A. Nasar, SchaumSeries
3 Measurements and Instrumentation Electrical And Electronic Measurements And Instrumentation A.K. Sawhney , Puneet Sawhney
Measurement & Instrumentation Cooper
4 Control System Control Systems Engineering Nagrath and Gopal
Linear Control System B. S. Manke
Control Systems B C Kuo.
5 Electrical Machines and Power Transformers Electrical Machines P.S. Bhimbra
Electrical Machines Kothari & Nagrath
6 Power systems

Electrical Power Systems

C. L. Wadhwa


I Nagrath , D Kothari
7 Analog And Digital Electronics And Circuits


Jacob Millman , Christos Halkias , Chetan D Parikh
Microelectronics Circuits Sedra & Smith
OP Amp and linear Integrated Circuit Ramakant A Gayakwad
8 Signals and Systems Signals and Systems Oppenheim and Willsky
9 Power Electronics Power Electronics P. S. Bimbhra
Other References Previous Years Solved Papers Any publication


Hope you will be benefited by the GATE Books for Electrical Engineering – Best Book for GATE EE list. for more keep visiting for more recommended new book.

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