How to Crack GATE 2019 in the last 3-4 months

How to Crack GATE 2019 in the last 3-4 months

If you are planning to crack GATE with top 300 ranks and have not started preparation, it is high time already. So to be realistic, if you are planning to start now, try to get at least 40 marks or so. Ignited Engineers will focus here on how to revise these last 3- months if you have already prepared once. There are general points:

  1. Your formulas book should be ready by now or else spend two days to write all the formulas immediately.
  2. While preparing, write as you read the key points. Refer here for the detailed explanation.
  3. Before starting, see the trend of marks from each subject (Don’t think same will be for next year but it would be similar with variation).
  4. Then understand what subjects are important and what subjects are less important.
  5. Then see the number of direct questions each subject and devote formulas reading time accordingly.
  6. Some subjects would be very lengthy so allot time accordingly. Check how much time would you require to finish each subject.
  7. You have to learn everything by December. Don’t learn anything after it.
  8. Revise more and more after it rather than learning.
  9. Don’t spend your time on FB, YT, Twitter, Videos, Movies, Songs, Mobile, Games etc. Take rest or have a small nap or talk with parents or friends and ask how they are doing and so on.
  10. Let nothing distract you from your goal.
  11. Study as hard as you can. No second or third attempt. Crack in the first attempt.

GATE 2019 Online Test Series

IES + GATE 2019 Online Test Series

The following is a tentative schedule for college working day:

  1. Wake up at 5:30 AM and read 1:30 hr the morning formulas. Ways to remember the formulas:
    1. Most of the formulas shouldn’t be very long (GATE is not a memory based exam. So you can skip them).
    2. They should have parameters which affect them. In the exam, they may ask the effect of quantity if one or two parameters change. So see what parameters are included in the formulas. And how they affect.
    3. See that all equations which are derived satisfy units balance. From that, you can guess the nature of formula. Constant has to be remembered though!
    4. Try to stare at them so that they become familiar to you.
    5. Best way to remember the formulas is by practicing more and more so that, you remember the formulas and also you will know the usage of formula.
  2. Next for 1hr practice a tough subject like maths or other subjects. And get ready for the college.
  3. Practice at least one in the college during lecture breaks. Hopefully, you have three or four working days in a week. So don’t waste that lunch breaks or some time which you get in the college. Even if you get 5 min break, open material and solve a problem! Or read some concepts.
  4. After you come home, relax and practice another subject for another 1:30 min.
  5. Take a break and have dinner and practice some easy subject now for another 1:30 hr and sleep.

During Holidays, the schedule is different. So Ignited Engineers will give different one for it.

  1. Read formulas for 1:30 hr and practice some tough subject as usual.
  2. Next prepare a lengthy subject for 2 – 2:30 hrs and take a break.
  3. Read another subject for 1:30 hr and have lunch.
  4. Try to give a full-length paper or GATE exams and see where you stand. Try to check where you have gone wrong. Try to learn from your mistakes. if possible write frequently missed ones and revise them now and then.
  5. In the evening have another subject revised for 1:30 hr and take the small break.
  6. Have dinner and read another easy subject. Prefer a subject which you know well. So you can become more perfect in it. End of day.

Try to finish your preparation by December end. Now you should have become perfect in formulas and have revised each subject at least once and important subjects at least once.

Follow this from January:

Since only 45 days would be left, try to take at least 20 days vacation to holidays before GATE.

  1. As usual, read formulas in the morning and also now and then read the keynotes which you have prepared.
  2. Try to attempt previous GATE questions and check where you are going wrong.
  3. Try test series. It is very important to know where you are strong and where you keep losing marks. Try to read from some textbook those concepts and become thorough in them.
  4. Practice different material or from a good textbook problem. If questions are lengthy in the textbook, solve half problems. Skip questions which are really long. In this way, you can have more practice. Also, see in multiple textbooks and practice more.
  5. Refer very quickly coaching notes if you have. Follow the tips given by them.
  6. Daily and gradually, let your confidence increase and check that your score keeps on improving.
  7. Attempt GATE with the full prepared mind.

Follow this before 2–3 days before GATE:

  1. Read keynotes and formulas.
  2. Practice those problems where you missed marks once again.
  3. Don’t worry about marks.
  4. Don’t worry about how much you have prepared. Don’t be anxious.
  5. Don’t worry how GATE exam paper would be.
  6. Do take good rest.
  7. Don’t learn anything new. Just refer those key points and formulas.
  8. Have a good sleep.
  9. Don’t get stressed. Stay calm. The brain works well in that mode.
  10. Give your all in GATE exam.

All the very best for your preparation.