How to Prepare for GATE and IES Simultaneously

 How to Prepare for GATE and IES Simultaneously

ESE (Engineering Services Exam) which is also famous by the name of IES (Indian engineering services) among the aspirants will have a Preliminary (Objective), mains (Subjective) and Personality Test/ Interview as per the new notification. A preliminary exam will be held on 07.01.2018. And the GATE exam will be held in the first week of February. GATE Exam is more towards the test of aptitude as the name suggests Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering and more towards understanding the root concepts and ESE is towards consistent practice and covering the vast syllabus in the stipulated amount of time. GATE exam is very much easy comparative to IES exam as You have to prepare less amount of subjects for GATE and Syllabus of each subject in GATE is also smaller than IES. Many Times, Question in IES exam are directly from the previous year GATE questions. How to Prepare for GATE and IES Simultaneously

Here you will get the tips of How to Prepare for GATE and IES Simultaneously.

The pattern of the both exam is different. ESE will have General Studies and Engineering Aptitude paper & Engineering Discipline-specific Paper (Mechanical/ Civil/ Electrical/ Electronics) whereas GATE is a single paper comprising of Engineering Mathematics and Engineering aptitude in the part A and Engineering discipline specific in part B.

1. Preparation of General Studies paper & Engineering Aptitude

You know that GATE does not have General Studies paper but have Engineering Aptitude paper. So preparation of Engineering Aptitude paper will be beneficial to you for both, ESE as well as GATE. It is better for you to prefer previous year Engineering Aptitude solved books to score more in GATE and ESE.

You should also devote some time for General Studies paper as it includes some new subjects like value and ethics, principles of project management, information and communication technology from 2017 onwards. For this section, we never recommend you to study the whole syllabus while one can always prefer some recommended books which will have concise material important from the competition point of view.

After the ESE paper 1 exam, over in the first week of January revise the GATE subjects and continue your preparation for Engineering Mathematics and Engineering aptitude from the GATE point of view.

2. Preparation of Technical Part

  1. Cover the whole GATE syllabus and solve previous year GATE questions (At Least last 15 years)
  2. Join GATE Online tests Series which provide you the better platform and follow the GATE Original Pattern. Test Series contains very conceptual and relevant questions for your GATE exam. Give Subjectwise tests and then Full syllabus tests and then Complete Subjects Test. If you have started preparing for GATE in October – November then Start giving Full syllabus tests rather than Topic wise test because you are already late.
  3. Now cover the rest of the topics which are in ESE syllabus and not in the GATE syllabus and solve previous year ESE question papers related to the subjects.
  4. Continue with points 1 and 2 for all the GATE subjects (which is by default also an ESE subject).
  5. Prepare theory according to the requirement of ESE Exam, and practice the numerical problems according to the GATE Exam requirements.
  6. Choose the best reference book for each subject who can cover the syllabus for both GATE and ESE exams.
  7. Now at the time of November end and mid-December focus on extra subjects of ESE which are not in GATE syllabus and keep revising the previous subjects at the same time.
  8. After IES exam in the first week of January still, you will be left with ample amount of time for revising GATE subjects once again.
  9. After the GATE exam is over in the last week of January or first week of February switch back to conventional preparation and starts solving Previous Year conventional Questions of ESE.
  10. Always revise the previous subjects to keep up the momentum going.

Here you see How to Prepare for GATE and IES Simultaneously. Start your preparation from today, All the Best.

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