GATE 2019 Preparation Tips

How to Prepare for GATE Without Coaching

Cracking GATE examination requires proper study strategy, determination and focus. It requires constant efforts towards each subject in clearing up the basic concepts to obtain good marks. Just mugging up the concepts is not going to help you score well, rather you must focus more on the understanding part together with the practical approach of the subject. Strategic preparation, time management, smart study are few key points if followed, will allow any aspirant to crack the GATE examination. Here we mention how to prepare for GATE without coaching

Here are some tips that will help you to get High Score in GATE exam on the first attempt:

  • Time Table
    • Follow Your Time Table: Schedule is the key to success. For self-study students, especially those who don’t go to college or work, discipline may go down the drain. Waking up at 10 AM, sleeping at 3, things like that. Divide the whole day into 2–3 slots and study different subjects in different slots. Prepare a proper schedule of when to study. Prepare a convenient schedule for your preparation and stick to your deadlines. Don’t take this lightly.
  • Test series:
    • Many Students make a mistake that they will join the test series just before a month. They join test series very late because they think that first they will prepare every Theory Part then take the test Series is a very wrong way… Many students do this mistake which results in them to lose some marks.
    • Choose a subject – Clear your concept- solve problems- take the test of the subjects- evaluate your performance. and continue the same for all subjects of the GATE exam.
    • We provide Chapter wise, Subjects wise and Grand (Full GATE)Test. we also email the most important and highly weightage Topic/chapter’s name.
    • Give Topic wise/Chapter wise test followed by Subject wise tests and then Full syllabus tests.
  • Engineering Math’s and General Aptitude
    • These subjects also play a vital role in scoring and getting high rank So do not neglect these subjects. Together they will comprise about 25% of the total marks. So, try and be perfect in those areas.
    • For these sections Just purchase Previous year maths Solved Books by MADE Easy Publication. Don’t go for B.S Grewal. Because you have very less time and you need to be very clear about the fields from which questions generally asked. Follow this books only when you are unable to understand the concept. then go for details.
    • For General Aptitude Section. Solved R S Aggarwal Aptitude books.
  • Make a Short Notes
    • Keep noting the mistakes, Important facts, formulas in a separate Notebook. it will help you to revise just before the exam in a very short time. because it is almost impossible to revise 9–10 subjects just 1 day before.
    • Keep on brushing up everything from your strong suites every week or so.
  • Revise
    • Many students also make mistakes here, many students are busy studying only, They have no time to revise. but one thing you should keep in mind that without regular revise of the subjects you will forget the concepts and formulas. so give 5 to 10 minutes every day for every subject what you have studied before.
  • Solve Previous Year Questions
    • Do previous year questions 2 times at least. there is one common trend in gate exam that you can follow, most of the time they ask questions from the same, GATE exam also repeats the previous year Questions either direct or there will be value changed. So, the previous year question is very much important for the aspirants.
    • GATE is a kind of exam where your concepts need to be 100% clear. Solve a number of questions from the previous year. and find out if you are not able to get the correct answer on your favourite subject. Revise the subject again and solve more question.
  • Sleep:
    • Take proper sleep minimum 6 hours in the night.
    • 45 to 60 minutes in the day when you are studying whole time in a day.
    • Skipping nights won’t make you a topper, sure you’ll end up losing some weight and that results in some health issue.
  • GATE Phobia:
    • This is not the toughest exam in the world and not the end of the world if you didn’t succeed. So don’t get anxious just by thinking how to make it? Just start and keep moving, all things going to be fall in right place after that.
    • GATE Exam is a single exam in India in which almost 15 % students get success. Otherwise, in other exams like IES, IAS – success is not more than 2%. So don’t lose your confidence till the end of the GATE exam.
  • Balanced Preparation:
    • Everybody has started GATE preparation. Many of them will start completing the full syllabus but that syllabus completion is as per his own terms. Some people leave books altogether in their preparation, some rely only on previous year papers, some just read coaching notes and hardly practice any numerical. Some of them have completed not the full syllabus but only the portion of the syllabus that is being mostly asked. These types of preparation might help you to qualify the GATE exam but not for the good rank. For GATE Exam, the balance preparation is necessary.

Never forget to collect some standard books for fundamental concepts.  To get a good rank in GATE exam, your strategy should be to attend a maximum number of questions and score more. Avoid skipping any subjects while preparation. Follow the test series Schedule for subjects preparation and maintain the consistency. Make your fundamentals concept first rather than going very deep into the subject. Solving previous year GATE & IES questions will be of great help. You will get a clear idea about important subject areas and difficulty level by solving previous year questions. Also revise the studied subject areas very frequently.

What are the common mistakes that should be avoided while preparing for the GATE?

  1. Don’t count how much time/hour you studied but count what you have studied and how much syllabus still you have to complete. Make a timetable and distribute 2 -3 subjects in a day by hour basis.
  2. Don’t just read theory but also solve books related to the topic/ chapter.
  3. Don’t waste your time searching for free books, free solved pdf, etc. just purchase recommended books and start your preparation.
  4. Don’t waste your time in Whatsapp and Facebook, they are just nothing but a source to frustrate you and to distract from your target.
  5. Don.t make the library of books just have some recommended books and follow them.

Conclusion: Cover full syllabus and give more time on the important area from which Question generally comes, join the Test Series, solve previous year question paper and making short note will help you to get fully prepared for GATE exam. just have recommended books and start preparing. Reading clear your concept up to 30% but solving previous yearbooks & test series will excel your preparation up to 80 to 90 %, rest depends on your revision.

Last few months strategy to polish your GATE cracking skills

  1. Time duration required

    As mentioned above, last moment study and mugging will yield no result at all and your efforts will only be futile. If you are serious enough to crack the exam and obtain a top rank, starting to study 5-6 months before the scheduled paper is a must. You should dedicate proper 8-10 hours for the same per day. If you are unable to study for long duration’s, then studying on a very serious note with full concentration, even if it’s for 5-6 hours will get you through.

  2. Revisions

    The last few weeks before the exams can be termed as ‘Revision Weeks’, during which whatever you have studied in the past few months, the entire syllabus etc, will only be revised. There is no point in starting a new topic in the last week as it will eat up your revision time and all the more confusion will be created.

  3. Unknown/unprepared topics not to be touched

    If you have not prepared for 2 or three not very important topics, because of them being your weak points, do not start preparing for them at the last moment. Focus on more important topics in which you have more scope of scoring. So as to score well, your basic concepts should be absolutely clear. Guesswork cannot be done in the paper as there will be negative marking for the same.

  4. The more you practice, the more you win

    Keep the last 2 weeks for mock test paper solving. There are lots of mock test papers and practice papers available all over the internet. But make sure that you are obtaining them from authentic websites. Also, solving the previous year question papers is a must as it will give you a clear idea regarding the upcoming paper pattern and the type of questions which usually come.

  5. Prepare short footnotes

    Make a habit of preparing footnotes at the end of every chapter or topic. There are topics which hold more weight age in the paper than others. When going through them, there might be few related facts or important detail which you will like to keep in mind at the last moment. So make a footnote for that, so that finding it later on while revising will be easy.

  6. Eat, play, sleep

    Do not involve yourself so much into studying, that too for long durations that you forget that you have a normal routine also to lead. Eating well and sleeping on time is mandatory too. There are students to skip their meals so as to extend their preparation time. Do not do this at any cost! Not only will they make you weak, but you may also lose your concentration due to self-imposed hunger.

  7. A notebook for formulas

    As lots and lots of concepts with formulas are involved, it is advised that from the day one of preparation, maintain a separate notebook, in which you will jot down every formula which you might have come across during preparation, on the basis of the topic. Mention the chapter, the topic and then the formula. This will come in handy in the last few days before the exam.


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