How to prepare for GATE Electrical Engineering 2019

How to Prepare for GATE EEE – GATE Preparation Tips

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In the present competitive scenario, where there is thought to develop rapidly in the students of universities and engineering colleges, the only yardstick to measure and test the calibre of engineering students in the GATE. Good that you are making plans for GATE prep from now. Now decide it today that you’ll study tough and get a very good rank in GATE. Here How to Prepare for GATE EEE – GATE Preparation Tips is mention in details.

Scoring tips

The subsequent recommendations could genuinely help you in scoring nicely in the examination:

  1. Go through previous years’ query papers at the side of solutions, and examine the problem pattern and consciousness on those subjects which have maximum weightage.
  2. Books can further be divided into classes: Books that cope with the fundamentals and consciousness on conceptual readability. Here textbooks by using reputed publishers are a must. Books that offer a high-quality deal of hard and time-consuming questions and are used basically as exercise/practice material.
  3. Do no longer depend on just one book for a subject; instead, consult a couple of books for the same topic. prepare notes after completing every chapter.
  4. Practise the maximum number of questions possible on a given topic. This certainly strengthens your preparation.
  5. Practise the maximum number of questions viable on a given subject matter. This absolutely strengthens your concept and enhance preparation.
  6. Take into account that those subjects which aren’t in GATE syllabus might be certainly left out.
  7. Make a listing of topics in which you suppose you’re ‘weak’ and attention on them. Have all critical formulae in your fingertips. try to see if there are shortcut methods for a specific problem.
  8. Theory preparation should be completed one month before the exam and then practise questions many numbers of times. Never ignore previous year questions as these question will give you the knowledge of pattern and the topic from which frequent question is asking.
  9. Keep oneself updated about any changes or developments in the GATE examination for the coming year.

How to tackle the paper

  1. Start the paper with the 1-mark question (25 in number). Since these are easy to attempt, they may help in building confidence. Proceed then to 2-marks questions from Common Data and Linked Answer Questions.
  2. Attempt this part with caution. These add up to eight more questions similar to the 25 attempted above. Then go to the General Aptitude section of 10 questions. All these will add up to 43 questions attempted. All these should be completed in a time frame of 100-110 minutes.
  3. Now we are left with 22 questions in the technical portion and we can allow 50 minutes to this comfortably. In the end, you must have 15-20 minutes for a quick revision of the answer sheet to ensure all is in order.
  4. Now we are left with 22 questions inside the technical portion and we can allow 50 mins to this with ease. In the end, you must have 15 to 20 minutes for a quick revision of the solution sheet to make certain all is in order.
  5. While attempting the paper, leave questions which you are not sure of. The most deciding factor is negative marking. Avoid making any guesses and try to eliminate choices by analysis and calculations.
  6. While attempting the paper, leave questions which you are not sure of. The maximum deciding factor is negative marking. Keep away from making any guesses and try to put off alternatives by using evaluation and calculations.

Best Books for GATE Electrical Engineering

Book Name
Get Books
EM Theory
Principles of Electromagnetic(for Magnetostatics, Amperes law, Magnetic materials)
Matthew N. O. Sadiku
Click Here
Engineering Electromagnetic(coulombs law, Gauss’s Law, Conductors etc.)
W H Hatt, J A Buck
Click Here
E. M. Theory for Numerical examples
Schaum Series
Click Here
Electrical Circuits
Electric Circuits & Networks(Circuit elements, Kirchhoff’ Law, Mesh and Nodal Analysis, Network Theorem & Applications )
Click Here
Engineering Circuit Analysis
William H. Hayt
Click Here
Electrical Circuits
Syed A. Nasar, Schaum series
Click Here
Measurements and Instrumentation
Electrical And Electronic Measurements And Instrumentation
A.K. Sawhney, Puneet Sawhney
Click Here
Measurement & Instrumentation
Click Here
Control System
Control Systems Engineering
Nagrath and Gopal
Click Here
Linear Control System
B. S. Manke
Click Here
Control Systems
B C Kuo.
Click Here
Electrical Machines and Power Transformers
Electrical Machines
P.S. Bhimbra
Click Here
Electrical Machines
Kothari & Nagrath
Click Here
Power systems
Electrical Power Systems
C. L. Wadhwa
Click Here
I Nagrath , D Kothari
Click Here
Analog And Digital Electronics And Circuits
Jacob Millman , Christos Halkias , Chetan D Parikh
Click Here
Microelectronics Circuits
Sedra & Smith
Click Here
OP Amp and linear Integrated Circuit
Ramakant A Gayakwad
Click Here
Signals and Systems
Signals and Systems
Oppenheim and Willsky
Click Here
Power Electronics
Power Electronics
P. S. Bimbhra
Click Here
Other References
Previous Years Solved Papers
Any publication
Click Here

Questions every student asking before stated preparing for GATE exam:

Qs1. Which subject should I prepare first in GATE syllabus?

Ans. In the beginning, it is required that you keep your attention focused towards GATE, so the selection of subjects plays a very crucial role. Start your preparation with good beginning so that you will have successful completion at the end. Begin your preparation with the known subject where you have good knowledge of it. Save your preparation time only preparing relevant topics of GATE syllabus instead of preparing the whole book.

Qs2. Should I start with an easy subject or a difficult one?

Ans. It is advisable that you do not try attempting a difficult subject at the beginning of preparation because understanding the concepts of the subjects where you don’t have an interest can make demotivate for preparing GATE. On the other hand, if you choose a very easy subject and not important for GATE, you may end up spending too much time in its preparation and waste a lot more time than required. Hence, your aim should be to select a subject which is of medium difficulty for you and important subject in GATE.

Qs3. How many hours are required to devote for GATE preparation each day?

Ans. The number of hours may vary from person to person for preparing for GATE. If you have already prepared all the subjects for the previous GATE Exam, you may need to spend 2 to 3 hours for revision and practising. It is a good idea to spend at least 5 to 6 hours for GATE preparation if you are attempting seriously. In case you are preparing the GATE exam for the first time, then you’d definitely require putting in more effort and number of hours in order to get comfortable with the pattern and syllabus.

Qs4. Is it enough to prepare from one textbook?

Ans. For a few subjects, preparing from one book may be sufficient. In GATE exam, the syllabus may be such that for a few subjects all the topics may not be covered in one textbook. It may happen that the given information for a particular topic may not be sufficient in the same book. So choosing book and understanding syllabus of GATE exam is very important to decide whether one or two books are required for the subject.

Hence, it is advisable that you choose one or more textbooks based on the importance of the subject and the topics covered in it.

Qs. How much time is required to complete the GATE syllabus?

Ans. It is necessary to start from the beginning of your final year of graduation and try to spend a minimum of 2 hours for preparation of GATE.

Qs. How should I self-study for GATE?

Ans. Join the GATE communities where you can discuss all doubts while preparing for the GATE. Follow these simple steps to prepare for GATE

  1. Plan the GATE preparation
  2. Study good and relevant books
  3. Solve previous year papers
  4. Revise regularly
  5. Attempt online quizzes/tests to know your performance before an exam

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