How can one manage time in GATE exam?

Time Management in GATE Exam

Every student has a big challenge to know How can one manage time in GATE exam? What is the strategy that should be followed by answering questions in GATE exam? Here, we are trying to pint out some tips for Time Management in GATE Exam.

What is the strategy that should be followed by answering questions?

You cannot learn how to save times in overnight. Saving times in GATE exams depends on many factors which have been written down in very details.

1. Practice, Practice, and Practice- ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. Join any test series of GATE and give test regularly if you are really serious about the GATE. Learn your mistakes from the test and try not to repeat them again. In that way, you will gain speed, accuracy, and confidence.

2. GATE papers are mostly about 80% numerical and 20% theory. So it should be our tendency that whenever we see any numerical the required formulas and concepts for a particular question instantly flashes in front of our eyes. This is difficult to keep everything fresh in our mind because of the large syllabus. Sometimes we forget to revise particular topics or chapter. So make it a habit of writing formulas in separate copy or A4 sheet as you complete any chapter. I repeat, chapter wise you should make formula sheet. Don’t wait for any whole subject to end or for last moment. Don’t write concepts in that copy, only formulas. Look at that sheet every morning or before going to sleep. Trust me in that way you will revise everything and it will be fresh in your mind.

3. Don’t try to attempt questions from those topics which you haven’t studied. Simply ignore them.

4. I would recommend you guys to solve aptitude questions first in GATE Exam. Aptitude questions in GATE exams are generally easy and they can be solved in very less time and will provide you decent marks. Engineering math and aptitude question if solved correctly and accurately will give you cutoff marks easily. So we should not ignore those section.

5. Learn how to use the virtual calculator provided in GATE exam – Virtual calculator provided in GATE exam is not very good I admit. You should learn how to use it as it is not like a modern calculator. Learn how to use it and you can save much time in calculations.

6. Yes, the common thing that you can follow for proper time management doesn’t stuck to one question. Just give a particular time to a particular question, if u didn’t get the answer in that particular time just move on to next question. If some time is remaining at the end u can look at those question again. The thing is you should not regret that u were not even able to take a look at the complete paper. Maybe the next question is known to you.

7. Last but not least, I believe if u are undergoing the Online Test Series you will be well versed of the pattern and the environment of the exam, so nothing will be as such new for u, just the condition is you should attempt the test series with full honesty. make it a habit of giving the online test before GATE exam on a computer provided with the mouse. Some people have problems reading anything on a computer screen just because they are not used to it (they read written things on computer screen slowly as compared to that in books, notebooks etc ). So if you are among those, then it is also a major concern. Work on it. Now talking about the time management

How can one manage time in GATE exam?