Use of GATE Score Card in PSUs and M.Tech Admission

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Use of GATE Score Card in PSUs and M.Tech Admission

1. Use of GATE Score Card in PSUs

Several public sector undertakings, have, in the past, used GATE scores for screening of candidates. A few such organizations are: Indian Oil Corporation Limited, National Thermal Power Corporation, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation and Power Grid Corporation etc.

2. Use of GATE Score Card in M.Tech/Ph.D. Admission

A valid GATE score is essential for obtaining financial assistance during Master’s programs and direct Doctoral programs in Engineering/Technology/Architecture, and Doctoral programs in relevant branches of Science in Institutes supported by the MHRD or other Government agencies. As per the directives of the MHRD, the following procedure is to be adopted for admission to the post-graduate programs (Master’s and Doctoral) with MHRD scholarship/ assistantship. Depending upon the norms adopted by a specific institute or department of the Institute, a candidate may be admitted

  1. Directly into a course based on his/her performance in GATE only or
  2. Based on his/her performance in GATE and an admission test/interview conducted by the department to which he/she has applied and/or the candidate’s academic record.

If the candidate is to be selected through test/interview for post-graduate programs, a minimum of 70% weightage will be given to the performance in GATE and the remaining 30% weightage will be given to the candidate’s performance in test/interview and/or academic record, as per MHRD guidelines. The admitting institutes could however prescribe a minimum passing percentage of marks in the test/interview. Some colleges/institutes specify GATE qualification as the mandatory requirement even for admission without MHRD scholarship/assistantship.

3. GATE Scholarship for M.Tech/Ph.D. Students

To avail of financial assistance (scholarship), the candidate must first secure admission to a program in these Institutes, by a procedure that could vary from institute to institute. The admitting Institutes may also specify the number of candidates who shall be provided financial assistance (scholarship), if admission is secured. International candidates, similarly may be provided with scholarship/assistantship (all or limited) as per the notification of the admitting Institutes.

Qualification in GATE is also a minimum requirement to apply for various fellowships awarded by many Government organizations. Candidates are advised to seek complete details of admission procedures and availability of MHRD scholarship/assistantship from the concerned admitting institution.

The criteria for postgraduate admission with scholarship/assistantship could be different for different institutions. The management of the postgraduate scholarship/assistantship is also the responsibility of the admitting institution. Similarly, reservation of seats under different categories is as per the policies and norms prevailing at the admitting institution and Government of India rules. GATE offices will not entertain any enquiry about admission, reservation of seats and/or award of scholarship/assistantship.

4. AICTE GATE Stipend Amount

Students in different colleges who enrolled in Ph.D Programs through GATE exam will receive stipend (scholarship) of Indian Rupees 12,400.