How to prepare for IES Objective Technical Paper – Prelims Preparation Tips

How to prepare for IES Objective Technical Paper – Prelims Preparation Tips

I hope your preparation is going in full swing. IES-2017 prelims (Objective exam) is going to be organized on 8 January 2017 . I also hope that you have built very strong concepts till now. It’s time to apply those concepts by solving as many problems as you can.

The key to getting selected is to give proper attention to all the papers and not neglecting any of them as cut off is going to be very high. In this post I am going to discuss strategy for objective papers.

1. Preparation for Technical Part : Objective Papers

The nature of the exam has not changed since last few years. Most of the questions are repeated. In objective papers most of the questions are formula based. You will believe me more when you will be solving the question papers.

Objective papers test the range of your knowledge. Hence it is advisable that you do not leave any subject for objective papers’ purpose. Even if you had not studied instrumental engineering in your B. Tech. you should try to have a basic understanding for the purpose of objective papers.

In objective papers we have to solve 120 questions in 2 hours that means one question per minute. Hence try to inculcate faster speed and accuracy while solving questions. Do not use calculator while solving objective problems as it is not allowed in the examination.
IES objective papers differ from GATE papers in two aspects. The questions in GATE are more conceptual while in IES they are more formula based. In GATE almost all the questions are numerical type but in IES lots of questions are theoretical.

2. Resources Needed

  • (1) Your class notes – Generally hand written class notes of various coaching institutes are considered good by the aspirants. They are available at various photocopy shops. Some of these class notes are really very good while some are not even legible. They cover large portion of the syllabus but not all. If you find anything is missing or is difficult to understand then you should refer to standard books, nptel courses, correspondence course etc on need basis.
  • (2) IES objective solved papers – Buy those papers which have subject-wise and chapter-wise classification of questions so that you can solve all question as soon as you finish a chapter.
  • (3)GATE objective solved papers
3. Steps for preparation
  • (1) For each subject prepare a formula sheet – If you had not already done it, then write whatever you feel important in that sheet.
  • (2) Solve all the previous year question papers. You will realize that most questions are repeated with only change in numerical values.
  • (3) If you find any new concept or formula, add it into your formula sheet.
  • (4) If any question is tough, tick mark it for solving again.
  • (5) Also solve GATE papers . Do not forget to solve all three papers of GATE-2015. Concepts of 2 marker GATE questions are also useful for conventional papers. But priority should be given to IES papers.
  • (6) Keep updating the formula sheet. While solving the papers you will come to know which formulas are more important. Revise the formula sheet regularly.

Once you are done with all the previous year papers, solve some full syllabus test papers. Be time bound while solving. Use an OMR sheet to fill options. This give you confidence for the real examination.

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