All about IES Mechanical Engineering 2019

All about IES Mechanical Engineering 2019

The examination shall be conducted according to the following plan :—

  • (i) Stage-I: Engineering Services (Preliminary/Stage-I) Examination (Objective Type Papers) for the selection of candidates for the Stage-II: Engineering Services (Mains/Stage-II) Examination;
  • (ii) Stage-II: Engineering Services (Mains/Stage-II) Examination (Conventional Type Papers) and
  • (iii) Stage-III : Personality Test.

(i) Engineering Services (Prelims/stage-I) Examination

The Engineering Services (Preliminary/Stage-I) Examination will consist of two objective type (multiple choices) questions papers and carrying a maximum of 500 marks (Paper 1 – 200 Marks & Paper II – 300 Marks).

Subject Duration Maximum Marks
 General Studies and Engineering Aptitude 2 hrs.  200
 Mechanical Engineering 3 hrs. 300
Total  500

Only those candidates who are declared by the Commission to have qualified in the Preliminary/Stage-I Examination in the year will be eligible for admission to the Mains/Stage-II Examination of that year provided they are otherwise eligible for admission to the Mains/Stage-II Examination. The Marks obtained in Preliminary/Stage-I Examination by the candidates who are declared qualified for admission to the Mains/Stage-II Examination will be counted for determining their final order of merit.

The number of candidates to be admitted to the Mains/Stage-II Examination will be about six to seven time the total approximate number of vacancies to be filled in the year through this examination.

Note I :

There will be penalty (Negative Marking) for wrong answers marked by a candidate in the objective type question papers.

  • (i) There are four alternative for the answers to every question. For each question for which a wrong answer has been given by the candidate, one-third (0.33) of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted as penalty. 
  • (ii) If a candidate gives more than one answer, it will be treated as a wrong answer even if one of the given answers happen to be correct and there will be same penalty as above for that question.
  • (iii) If a question is left blank i.e. no answer is given by the candidate, there will be no penalty for that question.

Note II:

  • Candidates are not permitted to use calculators for answering objective type papers. 

The UPSC Commission will draw a list of candidates to be qualified for Engineering Services (Mains/Stage-II) Examination based on the criterion of minimum qualifying marks in General Studies and Engineering Aptitude Paper (Paper-I) and Engineering Discipline specific paper (Paper-II) of Preliminary/Stage-I Examination.

(ii) Engineering Services (Mains/stage-II) Examination

The Engineering Services (Mains/stage-II) Examination will consist two conventional type papers in Engineering Discipline specific with duration of three hours and maximum marks of 600 (300 Marks in each paper).

Paper (Subject) Duration Maximum Marks
Paper-I ( Mechanical Engineering) 3 hrs. 300
Paper-II (Mechanical Engineering) 3 hrs. 300
Total 600
  • 1. Conventional papers must be answered in English. Question paper will be set in English only.
  • 2. Deduction upto five per cent (5%) of the maximum marks for the written papers will be made for illegible handwriting.
  • 3. Candidates are permitted to bring and use battery operated pocket calculators for conventional (essay) type papers only. Loaning or inter-changing of calculators in the Examination Hall is not permitted.
  • 4. Blind candidates and candidates with Locomotor Disability and Cerebral Palsy where dominant (writing) extremity is affected to the extent of slowing the performance of function (minimum of 40% impairment) will be allowed to write Engineering Services Examination with the help of a scribe.
  • 5. Compensatory time of twenty minutes per hour shall be permitted for the blind candidates and candidates with Locomotor Disability and Cerebral Palsy where dominant (writing) extremity is affected to the extent of slowing the performance of function (minimum of 40% impairment) will also be allowed in the Engineering Services Examination.

(iii) Stage-III : Personality Test

  • 1. Candidates who obtain such minimum qualifying marks in the Stage-I: Engineering Services (Preliminary/Stage-I) and Stage-II: Engineering Services (Mains/Stage-II) Examination as may be fixed by the UPSC Commission shall be summoned by them for Stage-III (Personality Test).
  • 2. The number of candidates to be summoned for Personality Test will be about twice the number of vacancies to be filled. The Personality Test will carry 200 marks (with no minimum qualifying marks).
  • 3. In the Personality Test special attention will be paid to assessing the candidate’s capacity for leadership, initiative and intellectual curiosity, tact and other social qualities, mental and physical energy, powers of practical application and integrity of character.

Marks obtained by the candidates in the Stage-I:(Preliminary/Stage-I) Examination, Stage-II:(Mains/Stage-II) Examination and Stage-III (Personality Test) would determine their final ranking. Candidates will be allotted to the various services keeping in view their ranks in the examination and the preference expressed by them for the various services/posts.

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