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Special Books for IES 2017

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How to Prepare for an IES Exam without Coaching

Indian Engineering Services are deemed as probably one of the most reputed positions in our nation. Being a direct wing of the Government of India, very high standards are set to clear the examination. But, what does it take to crack such an exam? Is it the passion for achievement or the talent or the know-how? It is not just talent which will fetch us the results but rather it is a right amalgam of far more important factors that defines a winner. But what are these qualities and how could they be acquired? How to Prepare for IES 2017 – IES Preparation Tips is mentioned below.

First challenge is to choose best books for the changed new pattern. As the pattern and syllabus have changed this year, we would first like to mention the tips for the selection of books.

IES Exam Date 2018 GATE Cutoff for M.Tech Admission in IITs & NITs IES 2018 Changed Syllabus

How to choose best book for ESE

Time is money! Don’t spend it by searching too many books. Just buy a few good books. And utilize them to prepare and to get ready for your exam. The only way you can beat your opponents is by solving and practicing questions. You have to understand, ESE is an extremely competitive exam. A large number of applicants are preparing very for it diligently. You might be talented. But without honest effort, you will nowhere go. It is best to really read and practice some selected good books. Never forget to mark the important lines in books and make  short notes. It will help you to revise just before the exam in a very short span of time. keep glancing at the notes periodically.

Note: Don’t waste your time collecting for free books. you might get but they will not be organised according to the exam. rather than searching and downloading too many free books just purchase few standards books.

Books for IES 2018 How to Prepare for an IES Exam 2018 Books for GATE Preparation


How to Prepare IES 2017 without Coaching – IES Preparation Tips

First go through the syllabus and the topics on which the aspirants should focus in the various papers for the exams.


1. Current issues of national and international importance relating to social, economic and industrial development


  • Economic: the various schemes introduced by the government and their effects
  • Industry: recent schemes such as Make in India, digital India etc.
  • Social: caste reservation, reservation for women etc.
  • Socio-Economic: crop related schemes, rainfall effects, farmer suicides etc.


  • Economic: oil prices, IMF reforms, currency devaluation etc.
  • Industry: Internet of things, the latest technology etc.
  • Social: Terrorism in Europe, refugee crisis etc.

2. Engineering Aptitude covering Logical reasoning and Analytical ability

 Data Interpretation, Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning etc.

We recommend that you refer’ Quantitative Aptitude’ by R.S. Aggarwal. The book covers all the vital areas in vivid detail. Since the book is very bulky, we recommend that you make a note of a few very important questions of each type while solving all of them to help you for the final review before the exams.

3. Engineering Mathematics and Numerical Analysis

This topic covers the same syllabus as that of GATE Engineering Mathematics. The topics are: Calculus, Complex Analysis,, Differential Equations   Linear Algebra,,  Numerical Methods, Probability and Statistics,  Vector Analysis,

4. General Principles of Design, Drawing, Importance of Safety

Civil and mechanical engineers have this course during the second year of their studies so seek your friends in this department to help you

5. Standards and Quality practices in production, construction, maintenance and services

This subject is studied by Production and Civil engineers.

6. Basics of Energy and Environment,  Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, Climate Change, Environmental impact assessment

Again, it is the area of Civil and Environmental engineers.

7. Basics of Project Management

Civil engineering topic.

8. Basics of Material Science and Engineering

This subject is one which almost all the branches have to study. We advise you to go through the old and dusty text books.

9. Information and Communication Technologies

As the title suggests, it is an area of computer engineering.

10.Ethics and values in engineering profession

The topic needs no text book. The student has to listen to his heart as to why he became an engineer and how he would serve the society in future.

Stage-I objective type Paper–II

  • This paper will be specific to your discipline. Earlier the paper was in two parts. But now it is just one. We recommend that you go through previous year question papers to crack this.
  • Click here for details preparation tips for the objective type paper of technical part.

Stage-II Conventional type Paper-I and Paper – II

How to prepare for conventional papers for ESE 2017 exam

From 2017 onwards, candidates who have qualified the objective exam only will be allowed to appear for the conventional exams.

    1. As the subjects for both objective and conventional are same the candidate has done 75% of his/her preparation for conventional while preparing for the objectives.
    2. Focus more on the derivations and their step by step workout rather than the end results.
    3. Solve previous year conventional question papers and practice them with detailed solutions.
    4. Mark the questions and the topics which are highly repetitive and try to solve all the types of questions possible from that topic.
    5. As the conventional questions are only 30% repetitive solve the other type of questions from the topics asked in the previous examination.
    6. The conventional paper will contribute 600 marks from ESE 2017 onwards they should be prepared thoroughly to score maximum marks.
    7. Try to solve the conventional questions asked in other UPSC examinations like Civil services mains examination, Indian forest services mains examination (For mechanical, civil, electrical and some topics of electronics and telecommunication)

IES Preparation Tips

To answer this question, we got in touch with the IES toppers and have come up with the most sublime method of preparation.

Technical Part

    1. Completely study the subjects mentioned in ESE Syllabus one by one starting from the subject that you find easy and mixing the order with the subjects that can be finished in less time. Subject must be studied from objective as well as conventional point of view.
    2. After completion of each subject, practice previous 10 years questions of both objective and subjective types.
    3. While practicing objective, take a clock and set the alarm to one hour and attempt 60 questions (as in ESE, you are supposed to do 120 questions in 2hr). After doing 60 questions verify your answers. Suppose you scored 40 correct and 20 wrong. Then attempt those 20 again without any time limit. Let us suppose that this time you got 10 correct, now attempt the rest 10 by going through notes, books etc..  And in this way you will be able to revise more and understand more
    4. In subjective also do the same procedure, set a time limit and proceed.
    5. Generally students have a belief that one cannot score good marks in the conventional but it is wrong. You are supposed to pay attention to some of the following facts and you can score well in conventional also. See Toppers Marks Of ESE
    6. Conventional papers must be answered in English. Question papers will be set in English only.
    7. In subjective paper, the first answer that you write must be of the question that you can answer best because it will create an impression on the mind of checker.
    8. Answer your questions in a neat and legible manner as there is a five percent deduction in marks for ineligible answers
    9. Always explain each and every formula or expression used in the answer and if a symbol is used its meaning must be provided. You are supposed to treat examiner as a layman who does not know anything.
    10. You can use pencil to underline a good point or fact (I have done it). Try to inculcate figures or block diagram to provide better understanding of your answer.
    11. If you can provide additional information on the question than write it as a note. For example, if a question of differential amplifier came than you can write, NOTE: Practically instrumentation amplifier is used instead of differential amplifier as there is gain and input resistance trade-off in the differential amplifier.
      On reading this, the examiner will come to know that you not only know the answer but have an understanding of practical things. And this impression will fetch you more marks.
    12. Try answering questions to depth, marks will not be allotted for mere superficial knowledge so don’t waste time with questions which you don’t know properly.
    13. In objective questions, don’t mark answers if not sure as there is negative marking of 33%.
    14. One may consider going for formal coaching for the IES exam, but it is entirely up to the candidate because there have been cases where people have topped just by self-study
    15. Students should prepare from their B.Tech in general.
    16. Finally, just be sure about yourself and be confident that you will be able to able to crack the IES exam. This positive attitude in you will definitely go a long way in helping you clear this exam
    17. And last but not the least “YOUR HARD WORK WILL ALWAYS FETCH YOU SUCCESS”.
 How to Prepare for GATE 2017 ECE   How to Prepare for GATE Civil Engineering
 How to Prepare for GATE EEE   How to Prepare for GATE Mechanical Engineering

Here a list of important conclusion which will help you to prepare for the ESE 2017 Exam.

  • 1. Refer to the pattern and syllabus of the latest examination.
  • 2. Try to understand the important changes in the syllabus to begin your preparation.
  • 3. General studies portion is changed which covers the topics related to engineering instead of history, geography, etc.
  • 4. Technical syllabus is also updated, so try to read the new topics added in syllabus.
  • 5. Select the standard books to prepare ESE exam according to the new syllabus.
  • 6. Many of questions in ESE Objective technical papers are repeated from previous years and also some of questions given directly from objective books.
  • 7. Compare the previous years’ questions papers to identify repeated and important topics and questions.
  • 8. A better approach is prepare one standard book for each subject to cover the complete theory.
  • 9. You may practice the questions from previous ESE exams, objective books, and online tests.
  • 10. General Studies and Aptitude paper is new, so prepare the topics as given in the syllabus. You may practice the model paper for General Studies and Engineering Aptitude given by UPSC
  • 11. Make short notes for important topics and formulae list.
  • 12. Solve previous years questions for each topic to assess your preparation level on a regular basis.
  • 13. Make sure to set a time limit when solving questions to prepare yourself to complete a task within the set time.
  • 14. It is also advised to practice questions on OMR sheets to get yourself prepared for marking answers during the examination correctly and quickly.
  • 15. Prepare and practice each topic in both conventional and objective way, and focus more on objective rather then doing conventional.

100 Ways to Achieve Success in Any Fields

  1.  Set daily goals for yourself
  2.  Realize your Potential
  3.  Surround yourself with successful people.
  4.  Be focused on your goals and make your life goal oriented
  5.  Imagine and visualize yourself being successful
  6.  Make a plan or blueprint for success
  7.  Be spontaneous and listen to your gut
  8.  Work with the flow of things, Don’t Look Back
  9.  Stay away from distractions and understand that your time is limited
  10.  Get rid of false beliefs and ideologies
  11.  Develop Self Confidence, Don’t Give Up
  12.  Be open to new types of thinking
  13.  Improve your social skills
  14.  Be relevant and always up to date, Be Excited to Learn
  15.  Accept failure and learn from it, Stop the Complaining
  16.  Be persistent and develop a relentless motor
  17.  Be flexible to your environment
  18.  Always take care of yourself
  19.  Exercise and maintain good physical health
  20.  Get educated and always be learning
  21.  Be both book smart and street smart
  22.  Strive to be successful for the right reasons
  23.  Speak the truth and be honest
  24.  Optimize your sleeping habits
  25.  Believe in yourself and your abilities
  26.  Develop a routine and follow it
  27.  Manage your time
  28.  Be more patient, calm and collected
  29.  Develop a goal oriented approach, Stay Motivated
  30.  Have a strong desire to attain success
  31.  Think positive and make success the goal
  32.  Don’t make excuses for yourself
  33.  Be committed to your dreams. Always.
  34.  Always be learning
  35.  Dream bigger than big.
  36.  Focus on opportunities and not failure
  37.  Never focus on obstacles
  38.  Visualize on the process as well as the end goal
  39.  Be willing to be different then the rest
  40.  Become proactive and bold
  41.  Create a successful mindset
  42.  Play to your strengths and work on your weaknesses
  43.  Take a leap of faith
  44.  Learn and grow from feedback
  45.  Prioritize your time
  46.  Be mentally active and engaged
  47.  Find mental peace
  48.  Break down goals into smaller manageable chunks
  49.  Closely monitor your progress
  50.  Have an optimistic perspective on life
  51.  Communicate better
  52.  Find people you can trust and rely on
  53.  Give generously and share what you have
  54.  Set time limits and restrictions on yourself
  55.  Find the purpose of your life or goal
  56.  Find the passion behind your goal
  57.  Study successful people and copy their positives
  58.  Accept failure and grow
  59.  Remove fear and doubt from your thinking
  60.  Develop an inner locus of control
  61.  Commit to your journey
  62.  Take responsibility for your actions, ideas and thoughts
  63.  Don’t procrastinate
  64.  Work harder than the rest
  65.  Always be bound by time
  66.  Don’t be addicted to anything and take control of your life
  67.  Be as productive as possible
  68.  Don’t oversleep. Don’t under sleep
  69.  Play sports and participate in other extracurricular activities
  70.  Don’t waste time doing unnecessary things
  71.  Be dedicated to the task at hand and give you 100%
  72.  Never quit. Never stop
  73.  Look at failure as feedback
  74.  Develop an open perspective
  75.  Persevere
  76.  Organize your mind and thoughts
  77.  Learn to control your emotions
  78.  Improve your selfesteem but always be humble
  79.  Shun sadhabits and replace them with good ones
  80.  Use your resources wisely
  81.  Become comfortable with yourself and your surroundings
  82.  Learn how to make people like you
  83.  Depend on your instincts
  84.  Think things through
  85.  Be flexible and open to change
  86.  Be open to opinions and strong personalities
  87.  Identify your weakness’s
  88.  Solve problems
  89.  Don’t dwell on the negatives
  90.  Be altruistic and care for others
  91.  Always be 100% there
  92.  Overcome rejection
  93.  Always be humble
  94.  Make your goals public
  95.  Find support in others
  96.  Silence your inner critic
  97.  Identify the tasks that are important and do them first
  98.  Learn how to remove stress and anxiety from your life
  99.  Don’t be scared to take the leap
  100.  Taking shortcuts leads to imperfection and inadequacies. Always strive for the best, even if it requires a little more time and effort.

ESE/ 2017 Detail Information and Guidance

Indian Engineering Services/Engineering Services Examination

About ESE &Department Allocations  ESE Exam Pattern
ESE Eligibility  ESE Syllabus 2017
ESE Important Dates Reference Books for ESE 
ESE CutOff Marks ESE Topper’s Marks
 ESE 2017 Notification ESE Exam – How to Apply­­­­
How to Prepare for ESE  

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Engineering Service Examination (ESE) is considered as the toughest exam in India and amongst the toughest in the world due to less number of posts and its technical nature. UPSC ESE exam aspirants require high level of mental ability, potential, patience, hard work and consistency.  And Because of this difficult selection procedure, IES officers carry high respect and status in society and are able to manage activities in various areas. All appointments to the Group A services are made by the honourable President of India. IES Toppers Marks -UPSC ESE Toppers marks is increasing day by day. So the challenging for ESE aspirants is also increasing continuously. Click on the link provided below for ESE 2014 and ESE 2015 toppers marks.

 ESE 2014 Toppers Marks  ESE 2015 Toppers Marks

IES Toppers Marks -UPSC ESE Toppers

IES Exam Date 2018 GATE Cutoff for M.Tech Admission in IITs & NITs IES 2018 Changed Syllabus

IES Prelims Books List 2017