UPSC 3rd Ranked Full Story – UPSC Result 2018 News

UPSC 3rd Ranked Full Story – UPSC Result 2018 News

Final results of the Union Public Service Commission Civil Service Examination 2017 were released on Friday night. Results can be viewed at In the examination, Sachin Gupta of Sirsa district of Haryana secured third rank. Sachin Gupta was in Delhi when the results of UPSC were declared. The rest of the family along with father Sudarshan Gupta and mother Sushma Gupta had gone to Bathinda in a wedding.

Sachin said that once in 2016, he had given the UPSC examination in 2016. There were 575th rank in it. But, insisting on becoming an IAS. For this, left the job and went to Bangalore for coaching. Continued 18 hours of education, away from mobile and social media. Just listen to the teacher’s talk in class and then his practice.

Sachin’s father, Sudarshan Gupta, points out that Sachin had talked about leaving the job and taking coaching for the UPSC examination and he accepted that because Sachin was very good in his studies. When I received a call from the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to pass the Civil Services Examination, I am very proud of my son. The whole family is proud of the son.

Sachin Gupta is the youngest of three sisters and three brothers. Sachin Gupta has completed Mechanical Engineering degree from Thapar University, Patiala. Since then, Sachin was working in a private company in Gurujram. Sachin’s father is a trading shop of Sudarshan Gupta. The mother is a teacher in the government school Sachin’s brother-in-law Rakesh Goyal said that after studying engineering, Sachin started working in Gurudram’s Maruti Company.

Meanwhile, he started preparations for UPSC. He had also passed the UPSC exam last year, in which he got 575th rank. This did not satisfy Sachin Tendulkar and left the job and went to Bangalore to prepare for the UPSC. According to Sachin, his success as a teacher along with the family as well as his success in his success. He also encouraged me for the Civil Services Examination.

Sachin points out that the IAS test is definitely hard, but it is easy to achieve the level if you are encouraged and hard-working. I was expecting the IAS to be selected, but there was no idea of such a good rank. It is important for success to never give up hope and work hard 100 percent. Let’s assume that you have the last attempts. If you think of preparing itself, then you will get success.

Just focus on the guide of one and follow whatever direction he gives, follow him heartily. It is very important to have tests, practice and speed in UPSC. If you have to choose a subject in the Examination of UPSC, then select that subject according to your interest, not thinking about how much he runs in the market. Or how many more students choose that subject. It is very important to work hard and focus, if you have to sacrifice something then do not move back.

Clearing the UPSC is not easy, but not impossible. When this girl was about to become an IAS, then she chose the method of study, all got stunned.