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GATE 2019 Virtual Calculator Download

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Salient Features of Virtual GATE calculator Online for GATE 2019

IISC Bangalore announced Virtual Calculator for GATE Free Download particularly for GATE exam, since 2019 there will be not be allowed for external calculator, Here Ignited Engineers provide Virtual Calculator for GATE Free Download. GATE calculator app is very convenient. Practice here for avoiding the real-time problem in the examination hall. 

  • For easy access, the right-hand side of the virtual calculator contains all the keys required for simple operations.
  • All Scientific functions and operations are separated on the left-hand side of the virtual calculator.
  • Inverse functions have separate keys (no need to press SHIFT or INV keys)
  • Functions are grouped together for easy access. All trigonometric functions are together. Inverse functions are placed below the respective functions. For example, is placed below
  • Hyperbolic functions are grouped together.
  • Two display boxes are provided at the top of the virtual calculator. The top box indicates the sequence of the keys pressed (not the actual calculations) and is just for reference.
  • The display box below it indicates the actual values entered or obtained by calculations.

Links to Download:

Download GATE Virtual Calculator 2019 on your Smartphone. : Click Here


Use GATE Virtual Calculator 2019 Online: Click Here

How to Download GATE Virtual Calculator

  • 1. Follow the above-provided links.
  • 2. Install the GATE virtual calculator 2019 on your smartphone.
  • 3. Open Vertuall calculator app
  • 4. start using the Virtual calculator.

Or Click here vertual calculater

Virtual Calculator for GATE 2019 Free Download