What should I do in my last 10 Days of GATE preparation?

What should I do in my last 10 days of GATE preparation?

With just two weeks left for GATE 2018 exam, the stress and anxiety piling up in your mind can put a negative effect on your performance during GATE 2018 exam. But this can be avoided if you follow some basic guidelines for GATE preparation during these days. Always remember that the GATE score open the doors for postgraduate studies in IITs and IISC or it can even land you a job in PSUs. The preparation strategy for GATE exam during these last weeks is different from the strategy that you have followed throughout the year.

Here are some tips that can help you during the last days of your GATE 2018 exam.

1. Solve test papers every day

In these last weeks, try to solve previous year question papers and sample question sets as much as you can on a daily basis because it will insight your strength and weaknesses. Also, it shows the mistakes you are making and in turn, you can prepare them well.

2. Practice mock tests for GATE 2018

One of the most important thing in GATE exam preparation is taking mock tests and attempting online test series. Try to take as many mock tests as possible. Mock tests and test series are very important as they serve a dual purpose. They not only brush up your concepts, they also boost your morale and confidence to attempt questions in GATE exam.

3. Keep switching between topics

Just don’t rely on a single subject or chapter in the final week before the exam. Keep switching between various subjects/chapters and ensure that you don’t panic if you didn’t manage to study a certain topic.

4. Make separate formula note

As engineering subjects have lots of formulas, make sure to note down all the formulas related to a particular topic. Following this approach will help you in memorizing all of them and later you can refer them if needed during studies.

5. Don’t start a new topic at the end moment

In the last couple of days, you must revise what you have studied till now. Don’t start any new chapter. Just brush up your concepts, the formulas and solve questions on the topics which you have learned.

6. Practice general aptitude

General aptitude has a major contribution to the total marks of the exam and hence it becomes one of the most important section. It’s relatively easier than any other portion of your GATE exam. So, don’t ignore it and practice regularly as it can award you marks in bonus.

7. Accuracy is the key, Do not guess and over-attempt questions

As there is negative marking in GATE, you will be penalized for each wrong answer. So, attempt those questions on which you are absolutely sure. There is no negative marking for numerical type questions, so attempt all such questions.

8. Speed up your calculation

Now calculators are banned in GATE exam, you will be provided a virtual calculator on the side of screen for calculations. So, taking test series help you to practice fast calculation through virtual calculators. You also learn some tricks and shortcuts for solving problems in less time.

9. Make a proper strategy for GATE 2018 exam

Strategize your GATE exam approach as per your convenience. Based on your areas of strength and approach in mock tests/test series, prepare an exam strategy.

10. Don’t panic, Maintain your calm and revise

Don’t panic about the competition and the exam level. Try to be relaxed and calm, this will help you focus on your preparation. Keep the faith and believe your abilities and the hard work that you have put for your preparation.

If you get nervous at the end, it will not only affect your speed and thinking ability but your accuracy too, thus increase negative marks. Revise whatever you have studied as revision is the only key to achieve accuracy.

11. Take proper sleep on the night before GATE exam

Don’t study whole night on the night before the exam. Take proper sleep on the night before your GATE exam so that you wake up refreshed and relaxed. During the last week, take a proper sleep of 7-8 hours for the fresh and relaxed mind.

Some essentials for Gate 2018 Exam

  • 1. Make sure to reach exam center 1-2 hour before the given time.
  • 2. Keep your admit card ready and safe.
  • 3. Keep your bag and stationery ready for the day of the exam.
  • 4. Regularly give mock exams.
  • 5. Get proper sleep every day.
  • 6. Eat only safe and healthy food.

Hope, the above tips for GATE 2018 exam preparation during the last weeks come in handy for you and boost your GATE preparation.

Hope the best for all GATE aspirants.

Good Luck!